Bike Repair Services in Burlington, VT  and the Upper Valley

(802) 373-3411

wheel truing

Tune-ups (parts extra)

Quick tune                         $50      Safety inspection of bike, adjust brakes and gears

Standard tune                   $75     Adjust all bearings, brakes and gears, true wheels 

Deluxe tune                       $150    Same as Standard tune with hub overhaul and install new cables

Complete overhaul          $195    Takes bike down to the bare frame and overhauls everything


Minimum bench charge  $5

Minimum site visit           $30 (fee can be waived if already at location)


A-La-Carte service (parts extra)

Bike boxing     $60

Build a bike that has been shipped  $50

Bike build (new bike in box)     $70-90

Component upgrade $130+

New bike build    Price varies

Tube replacement         $10

Wheel build      $60/each wheel

Front suspension oil change     $55 (plus seal kit)

Rear suspension air can service   $50 (plus seal kit)

Wheel true                      $12 plus

Brake bleed                     $20 each

ride support

Ride Support

I can be hired to provide ride support for your charity ride or your next LAMB ride with your friends. I follow riders on course and provide mechanical assistance as well as carry food, and water for the ride. Please call or email for pricing.