Corporate visits

Active healthy employees

Corporate Programs

10 bikes a day can be serviced and multiple days can be booked

Option 1: Employer Sponsored – $1000 / day

The Ultimate addition to your corporate wellness package, this sevice allows your company to cover the labor cost for bicycle tune-ups for anyone who is interested.

* Covers all labor for up to 10 bicycles
* All bicycles get Standard Tune- up service
* Employees buy any needed parts or accessories

Option 2: Corporate Subsidized – partial payment of bicycle tunes

Incentivize your employees to commute to work or be more active in their free time by covering part of a bike tune-up

* Employer determines the amount to be subsidized and employees pay the remaining balance * Get 5 or more bikes and receive 15% off labor

Option 3: Direct Pay – $100 / bicycle

Offer your employees a great service at no cost to your business. This is a great way to promote healthy living by offering this unique service

* Employees pay directly for bike tunes, parts and accessories
* Get 5 bikes together and receive 15% off the Standard Tune bring the price down to $85

Making Arrangments

We understand that every organization has it’s own unique advantages and limitations. We only require two flat parking spaces and a commitment to help coordinate the event. Aside from that we are willing to adapt to most situations. We’ll start the process with a brief communication to address any concerns or requests. Once expectations are clearly laid out Cowbell will provide you with either a spreadsheet or link so employees can book a spot.

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The big day

Cowbell will be onsite with a fully stocked van, tent, and portable bike rack. Employees will bring their bikes over when they arrive at work and will have a quick bikw consultation with the cowbell mechanic to address any concerns or bike needs. The Cowbell mechanic will notify the employee when the bicycle is complete and will send an invoice that they can quickly pay online. Employees are asked to pick up the bike as soon as they are able or provide a lock if they aren’t free during the day.

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