Earn-A-Bike at Cowbell bike shop has graduated 6 students so far in it’s first season and currently we have another 5 students in classes now. The goal of this program is to get youth interested in bike repair and to empower them to feel comfortable to ride and repair their bike. Upper Valley residents have been kind enough to donate bikes for this program and students have been really excited to take the classes and learn the skill needed to repair their bike. After a brief orientation we discussed mechanical skills and thread concepts.

flat tire Here is one student fixing a flat tube. On the students bikes we found punctures , pinch flats, broken rim strips and even a cliff bar wrapper in a tire. From there we move on to adjusting hubs and truing wheels.

wheel truing


Throughout the class students will adjust all components of the bike and have a working knowledge of derailleurs and brakes.

earn a bike

Most of the students taking EAB get the donated bike but a some fixed up their own bike and some gifting the bike to someone else. At the completion of class students get a lock and a Giro helmet.